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Hanging on and Letting Go | First Day of First Grade

Evan: “Mom, please don’t happy cry too hard today”… my son clearly knows me well! We sent Ev off to a new school year with big energy! We are officially back to our early morning routines again. First day jitters never go away, I feel them so much as a parent now! A lot of firsts for […]

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Always Moving

the water always clams me because the waves continue to move. no matter the day or circumstance the water adapts and keeps flowing. sometimes softly, sometimes forcefully – just like us. 

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A Decade Married

Last week, Jake and I celebrated a decade of marriage. We had the most tender celebration in the clouds alongside the angels we created. We danced and swam and ate cake and cried. Jake and I wanted to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary in a special way, but as the date neared, we were […]

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I feel most at home as your mom it’s warm and messy and heartbreaking and honest. home is like that. imperfect yet familiar. different than anyone else’s. like a lens into the new and the nostalgic. like I’m lost and yet the most found I’ve ever been.

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Profound Life

to parent is to give and to receive, to learn and unlearn, to do better and to do less, to hang on and to let go, to trust and to question, to guide and to be guided ➰ children give us a lens into how simple yet profound life is.

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Health Update | My Thyroid Journey

Still me, half a thyroid less ❤️‍🩹 I recently had the left side of my thyroid removed, because of a cancerous nodule. A number of gifts came from this: we discovered the lump early, it was contained to my left side, and no further treatment is needed. Quite a bit of testing alongside the advice […]

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