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Dear Baby | Home is Ready

Dear baby, I’ve loved our extra days just us. Everyone is so excited to meet you. Your bother, whose footsteps you’ve heard running across our wood floors, sprinting, spinning and jumping to the sky. Your sister, whose voice you’ve heard singing lullabies and belly laughing to your kicks and spins. Your dad, whose hands you’ve […]

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40 Weeks

At home in my body, creating a home for my baby. Infinitely evolving, changing, and growing. Never the same, as our bodies are never meant to be. Sometimes change feels overwhelming; and sometimes change feels safe. Ultimately, it’s uniquely ours. A few photos from my maternity shoot with Monica Rose and Lindsey Smith.

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2023 in Moments

Some moments from my year that we connected on most. A good reflection of what life often is: some combination of our best and our hardest. We filmed with the today show and saw Summer Fridays on billboards around my city. I also had surgery to remove thyroid cancer and spent most of the year […]

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A Love Note on Baby Three

I recently shared that our family is growing. The gift of doing this again is immeasurable. We are feeling the hearts of so many of you through your messages, comments, and notes! This has been a special moment we’ve been celebrating as a family for awhile now — I am already 20 weeks, or about halfway […]

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My Morning Mindset for a Good Day

As we enter a new season of life (with both kids in school!!) I’ve been thinking a lot about our routines and morning habits. I’ve always been a glass half-full person, so optimism isn’t necessarily a hard reach for me. I’m also sensitive, and oftentimes thrown off if something doesn’t go according to plan. It […]

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The Role of Self

Writing this first note to you reminds me of my early blogging days, but this time it’s a decade later. I am a mother, wife, and co-founder of Summer Fridays now. Roles that feel so defining and important. And yet, as much as those titles signify so much of my identity, I am learning how important it […]

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