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Lauren Ireland is an influencer, entrepreneur, and mother of two. She co-founded the clean beauty brand, Summer Fridays, in 2018.
Lauren has built a dedicated digital community sharing her perspective on all things wellness, home workouts, beauty, and motherhood — demonstrating the importance of well-being while growing a business and becoming a mother. She reminds her audience that they are constantly works in progress who should prioritize self-care above all else. 
Prior to her digital career, Lauren worked as a television news anchor and journalist. Her love for clean beauty came later, when she was pregnant with her son, Evan, and was in search of good-for-you ingredients from a brand that resonated with her. 
Summer Fridays launched nearly two years later, alongside co-founder and fellow influencer, Marianna Hewitt. The brand hit cult-favorite status when it launched at Sephora with its now-iconic Jet Lag Mask, which was named one of WWD’s 100 Greatest Skincare Products of all time. Summer Fridays has been featured in publications like Vogue, Allure, Forbes, and Glamour. You can shop the brand worldwide in major retailers like Revolve, Cult Beauty, and Mecca.
Lauren lives in Los Angeles with her husband Jake, son Evan, and daughter Ella.

Influencer / Entrepreneur / Mother

Lauren Gores Ireland

"I really believe prioritizing you — your body, your heart, your mind — is what allows you to show up for yourself and others day-to-day."

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